To install Adventures in Twine 2, click Formats in the main menu, then Add a New Format and paste the url below into the box. Finally, click Add.

You can now create new story or edit an existing one and change the story format for your story.

Note: If you’re using the web version of Twine 2 (inside your browser), you may run into an error. Try to use the Windows/Linux/OSX version instead!


Adventures is based on klembot’s Snowman 2. The content of the passages are processed by lodash’s _.template function, which allows you to execute Javascript scripts inside the <% %> tags, and print dynamic values using the <%= %> tags.

For example, the passage:

var name = "Arthas";

The old pirate greeted you: "Ahoy, you must be <%= name %>" !

Would become, once in the story: The old pirate greeted you: "Ahoy, you must be Arthas" !.

You can also conditionaly print content using the classic if Javascript structure:

Along the road, you stumble upon a group of bandits

<% if ( >= 100) { %>

They notice that your purse seems to be quite heavy

<% } %>